Tuesday, June 27, 2006




Monday, June 26, 2006

Rare shot of a construction coordinator actually working. Later, the team came back and fixed it right.

Immediately after taking this picture, Allen was once again thrown out of the girls locker room

After an invigorating swim, the teams are energized for another day of work

Filled with margarita mix, this was the most popular cooler on the site

"Hey, watch what happens when I shake this ladder really hard"

Beaming about their new board, the girls showed it off to anyone that happened by.

Can you tell which one is the parrot in this picture?

Cut ups

Hanging a towel from the rafters and calling it a ghost, Sandra scares all the boys out of the garage.

Brent shows the team how he likes to relax around the house every evening

Rex enjoys a quick snack before running off to the next event

Frozen t-shirt contest. Noone seemed to notice the buckets of warm water for thawing the shirts.

Danni downs a Coke before belching out the National Anthem. Thankfully, those were not beans.

In a cruel joke, Steven learns his team put their dirty socks in his lunch sack

Sporting a sheepish grin, Sam has just been caught making out with the paint bucket.

Janie is all smiles after learning that caulk tastes pretty good with crackers and vienna sausage

Messers Abercrombie and Fitch part 1

"Please let us get back to painting, we just can't get enough"

Messers Abercrombie and Fitch part 2

A moment with the client

Cutting soffit board. This task became more difficult after Brad cut the end off his tape measure with the miter saw.

Elated, Charles and Charlie discover the cooler with margarita mix.

Cheesy group shot part 2

Cheesy group shot part 3

Fast forward 10 years and this will be Danni wheeling Rex back into the asylum

Cheesy group shot part 4

Chris' Angels and Bosley (Clayton)